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Them Fantasies and The Sewer Cats Round Up, Punk Rock News and Wet Leg Album Review

April 25th, 2022

Once again, Tom Austin-Morgan, your host is back to let you know what’s been going on this month since the last two episodes went out, what's going on the world of punk rock and what you can expect from next months episode.

Firstly, I’d like to extend my grateful thanks to both Them Fantasies and The Sewer Cats. Both conversations were really interesting, enlightening and fun, I hope you’ll agree, and despite the fact that the music they make is poles apart, both bands' conviction in their art and enthusiasm when talking about it were utterly infectious and inspiring. 

Previous guest, Louise Aubrie, has relocated to LA to start writing and recording new material. Meanwhile, she’s released a new video for the song Dark from the album Antonio which she came on the show to talk about last year. Check it out in the back catalogue.

I've guested on the Love That Album podcast, which is a brilliant show that I’ve listened to for years. The host, Maurice, and a guest – in this case me – discuss a variety of great albums from the rock, jazz or folk genres in some depth.  The episode is available now, which is apt because it corresponds with the 44th anniversary of the first Rock Against Racism concert at Victoria Park on the 30th April 1978 which featured, among others, the Tom Robinson Band. The episode is about their first album Power In The Darkness, although it also deals with the political and environmental history of the time because a lot of that fed into the themes of the album. It was a delightful chat with someone who has such a wealth of knowledge and made me feel most welcome, do go and find Love That Album podcast and listen not just to the episode I’m on, but rifle through the back catalogue, there’ll certainly be a lot you’ll be familiar with, but there are some great surprises to be had too. Thanks Maurice!

I review just the one album this month; Wet Leg's debut, self-titled album that came out at he beginning on the month. Is it full of repetitive, flash in the pan indie nothingness or is it as goods as I hoped it would be?

By sure to get in touch on social media or email and do to Apple Music to leave a rating and review, it's the podcast's second birthday, after all! Until next time, take care and stay safe.


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