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Banned Biographies is an audio documentary series charting the careers of some of the most notorious bands ever to grace the world’s stages.

The Slits Review

February 22nd, 2021

I'm back to catch up with what's been happening since last month's episode about The Slits went out , give some shout outs to new followers as well as those that have been interacting, as well as highlight some other podcasts - both music-based and not - that I'm listening to and you might also like, and tell you what the subject of the next episode will be .

While you're waiting for the next episode to drop on Friday 26th February 2021, why not go and leave a rating and review on iTunes, they really do help and you get a special shout out on these review episodes. But most of all, I hope you enjoy the next episode. Take care and stay safe.


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