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Permanent Record Podcast and Skamouth Review

October 25th, 2021

Your host, Tom Austin-Morgan returns to talk about what’s been going on since the mammoth Permanent Record Podcast and Banned Biographies crossover podcast was released last month where they reviewed and dissected U2's iconic 1987 album The Joshua Tree and what you can expect from this months’ episode. I’ll also be talking about my experience at Skamouth Festival, which was my first gig in Sham 69.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Brian and Sarah again for allowing me to stich four of their episodes together and put it out on my feed. I wasn’t expecting big download numbers, because the episode was 8 hours long, and because they’d already been published individually by Permanent Record Podcast. However, it’s quickly become one of the most downloaded Banned Biographies episodes that isn’t a documentary, so I’d like to thank you all for downloading it and – hopefully – listening all the way through. If you enjoyed what you heard you really should subscribe to the Permanent Record Podcast and let Brian and Sarah know you found out about them through Banned Biographies.

I played my first gig with Sham 69 on Sunday 2nd October and I cover the whole weekend in some detail on this episode. Luckily, I survived being chucked in the deep end and will be playing with Sham 69 at four more gigs across the country in November:

Saturday 6th November, The Snig, Widnes (tickets from seetickets)

Saturday 13th November, New Cross Inn, London (tickets from New Cross Inn)

Thursday 18th November, The Old Courts, Wigan (tickets from eventbrite)

Friday 19th November, The Bunkhouse, Swansea (tickets from The Bunkhouse)

I'd love to see some of you listeners at these gigs, do come up and say hello if you come along.

Please do reach out to Banned Biographies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email as well as leaving those ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, but more than anything else take care and stay safe.


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