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Louise Aubrie and Rick McMurray review

June 21st, 2021

There have been some really wonderful bits of feedback from the interview episodes with Louise Aubrie and Rick McMurray with people checking out Louise’s music which I’m really happy about.

The second single off Louise’s album 'Antonio' is out on Wednesday 23rd June (two days from this episode going live). Called 'Ours', it's a slightly darker song in tone from 'Last', but is another masterfully arranged song with killer vocal hooks. Make sure you go and give it a listen and let Louise know what you think of it.

The Ash livestream was really good fun, there were a lot of the fans tweeting along with the action, but I still have an issue with livestream gigs. There’s just not the atmosphere in your living room that there is at a live gig in a room full of people.

I’ve appeared on the first of a planned four-part podcast from the Permanent Record Podcast, hosted by Brian and Sarah.

Usually they look at albums by synth-based bands, but because I deal with predominantly guitar-based punk, new wave and post punk bands (for the time being at least) we decided we should look at one of the most iconic albums by an iconic rock band that none of us have any deep knowledge of; The Joshua Tree by U2.

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I hope you enjoy the next episode and that you're taking good care of yourself and others as well as staying safe.


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