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Interview with The Sewer Cats

April 15th, 2022

On this special interview episode of the Banned Biographies podcast, Tom talks to The Sewer Cats - a two-piece punk band made up of drummer and singer Cass and guitarist Josh.

Ferocious, fuzzy and feline-inclined, The Sewer Cats are an explosive Manchester-based punk duo who deliver riotous tunes of patriarchy-smashing fury. Their short and snappy songs have been described as ‘catchy and scathing’, bursting with hooky riffs drenched in fuzz and aggressive riot-grrrl vocals, all served up with a big helping of sass.

Their new album, Cute Aggression is out TODAY on Manchester-based DIY non-profit punk label, TNSrecords. Go and find it and The Sewer Cats’ back catalogue wherever you stream or listen to your music as well as on the TNSrecords website.


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Instagram: @thesewercatsband

A big thank you to Cass and Josh for their time and for being so easy to get on with. I very much look forward to meeting them in a couple of months time on their tour. Do try and find out where they're playing near you and make the effort to see them, and support them by buying some merch.


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