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Banned Biographies is an audio documentary series charting the careers of some of the most notorious bands ever to grace the world’s stages.

Interview With Paul Brightman of Sham 69, Swampstomper and (Almost) Chelsea

February 26th, 2021

This is the second Banned Biographies Interview episode with Paul Brightman of Sham 69, Swampstomer and (almost) Chelsea. During the episode, Paul talks about his introductions to music and playing in bands, juvenile delinquency, politics – both in bands as well as in the wider world – the pros and cons of touring and his hopes for the future both with his own project, Swampstomper, and with Sham 69.

A quick warning, the first few minutes are spent discussing the affect that COVID-19 has had on him including his own brush with the virus and, very sadly, losing close members of his family. We don’t dwell on this issue very long, but if you don’t want to listen to that part of the conversation then skip ahead about 5 minutes.

You can find Sham 69  at, officialsham69 on Twitter and Instagram, and at SHAM 69 – Tim V on Facebook. You can find Swampstomper on Facebook by searching for Swampstomper or typing in as well as on

There were some technical issues with this interview. Paul’s microphone settings were wrong before we started recording and then, once sorted , I couldn’t hear him through my desk for a reason I couldn’t figure out, so we ended up both using onboard microphones, which is never ideal, but I’ve managed to get it sounding fine. Then, about 20 minutes in he lost internet connection and his computer automatically updated!

I’m more than happy with the final interview, and I thank Paul for sticking with it. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation just as much as I enjoyed talking to him.


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