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Interview with Jack pop (Alcopop! Records)

July 30th, 2021

This interview episode of the Banned Biographies podcast is a great conversation with Jack Pop, founder of the Alcopop! Record label. I was made aware of Alcopop! at the beginning of the year when I spoke to The Stepney Sisters about the release of their debut album, 50 years after forming, which was put out by Alcopop!.

I then did a bit of reading on the label’s website and couldn’t believe the story about its forming thanks to a bet on the result of a football match. If you’ve not heard of the label, British listeners will probably remember when the UKIP (UK Independence Party’s) website was taken over and covered in unicorns and rainbows? That was Alcopop!. Putting the QI podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish, out as the first UK podcast on vinyl with a secret track by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, that was Alcopop!. The label has also released albums in a host of innovative release formats like on scarves, frisbees and even bicycles as well as some pretty genius political stunts as well.

Jack is a real gent, he was a pleasure to speak to and has so many amazing stories. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I had having it. 

Alcopop! Records has some brilliant bands signed to it. Check them out at and give their bands a listen, buy some merch and reach out to them to let them know I sent you, they’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Soundcloud , Bandcamp and YouTube.

Thanks for listening, stay safe and take care.


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