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Inrterview with Aaron Pendergast (Filmmaker - The Blasting Room Documentary)

June 1st, 2022

On this special interview episode of the Banned Biographies Podcast I talk to film and documentary maker Aaron Pendergast whose latest project is a documentary about The Blasting Room, the legendary recording studio started by members of the Descendents and ALL in the mid 90s, which is currently in post-production.

If you’re a fan of US punk bands from the 80s through to today you’ll likely be a fan of at least one, if not many bands who have recorded albums at The Blasting Room, and you’ll likely own albums that were recorded, mixed or mastered there. Essentially, The Blasting Room documentary will be to punk rock what the Sound City documentary was to the Foo Fighters.

Aaron was great to talk to and imparted some brilliant advice for anyone looking to make independent films and documentaries as well as being very generous with his time.

Unfortunately, there was a technical issue with distortion on Aaron’s side of the Zoom call that I just couldn’t edit around. We noticed it early on and Aaron sent me files that he recorded on his end as well, but the issue was still there in his files. I’ve done what I can lessen the effect and edit out as much of it as possible, but it’s still obviously there. I hope you are able to listen around it.

I hope to have Aaron on again in future to talk about the reception of the film after it’s released towards the end of the year in September or October.

You can find out more about the film at or on Instagram @blastingroomfilm.

Technical issues aside, I really hope you enjoy the conversation and am sure you’ll get something out of it, especially if you’re into US punk rock bands or independent filmmaking.


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