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Banned Biographies is an audio documentary series charting the careers of some of the most notorious bands ever to grace the world’s stages.

Bravest of the Brave - The Continued Adventures of Adam Ant

June 25th, 2021

After disbanding Adam and the Ants at the height of the band's success, Adam Ant went solo. Working with Marco Pirroni, his first solo single, Goody Two Shoes went straight to number one in the UK and Australia which allowed him to pursue a career in acting both on stage and screen.

As with the first part of his career with The Ants, Adam's solo career has had many ups and downs over the years - both in terms of critical and chart success as well as with his own personal battles with his mental health.

But, each time he bounces back stronger than before and more confident. In the last couple of decades he seems to more balanced than he ever has. This appears to have been helped by setting up his own record label which has allowed him to work at his own pace and take time off when he needs it. He has also become an advocate for people admitting they need help with their mental health and finding the correct help for it.

His has been a rollercoaster of a life so far and he is far from stopping with festival appearances lined up for the summer of 2021 and scheduling a tour for the beginning of 2022. Long live Adam Ant!


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