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Aaron Pendergast Interview Roundup, Music News, Pistol Review and More

June 24th, 2022

On this roundup episode of the Banned Biographies Podcast, your host, Tom Austin-Morgan, is back to let you know what’s been going on since the Aaron Pendergast Interview episode went out and what you can expect from the next one.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Aaron for the time he took to talk to me last month, again, apologies to you and him that the file wasn’t the cleanest. But I’m positive that the conversation was good enough and full of as much information as you could want about independent documentary making and of course, The Blasting Room itself.

I also talk about the gigs I've played this month, going to see The Sewer Cats play live at my local music venue, the fact I can't go and see Adam Ant tonight because I and Adam Ant both contracted Covid on the same day, all the news from the world of punk and alternative music including stories about Kurt Cobain's Smells Like Teen Spirit guitar being sold for a ridiculous sum of money, That Petrol Emotion, the death of Depeche Mode's Andy "Fletch" Fletcher, Flogging Molly, Mount Westmore, Blondie and Dropkick Murphys among others.

Finally I review of some of the music released this month as well as Pistol, the FX TV series directed by Danny Boyle, about the Sex Pistols.

Be sure to get in touch on social media or email to let me know what you thought of Pistol (if you've watched it) as well as anything else you want to have a chat about, and do go to Apple Music to leave a rating and review, it really does help and you get the review read out on the show! Until next time, take care and stay safe.


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